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XBLive/GFWL: hotbabe13fcali

Steam: _ax

Origin: Medo44


W8 i7 1154; 4gig RAM,500GB HDD, 7790,

Acer IconiaTab W500

HTC One (M7)

Oh so let me tell you everything I own so you can steal it you greedy shit. Ha, no but seriously, I enjoy my tech. I spend a majority of my spare time modifying or changing the tech that I do own. I’m going to edit this eventually but I just want to type what’s on my mind because I’m avoiding the class i’m currently in. Dsploit is an interesting android app for root users that give your phone the ability of arp-spoofing. What’s arp spoofing? Chances are you don’t give a fuck. Bottom line, at school I can run this app and simply steal your email (mainly yahoo) provided your on the same wifi, and youre checking your email, So this app is useless at home obviously. This app also gives you the ability to break a wifi network, and a few other things that work an 1/8th of the time. I just felt I should share.

So recently, I was gifted an amazon gift card. 100 bucks to spend on whatever my heart desires. I bought two things with that gift card, MF Doom’s Doomsday on vinyl (you hipster fuck) and a 1 watt (or 7 watt, i’ll explain) FM Transmitter. The question i’m sure you’re wondering is why. Why the hell would you spend 70-80 bucks on something that isn’t really practical? I’ll tell you, since I was 14 years old I loved the concept of radio. I love the technology in how it runs and works and I’ve always wanted my own personal radio station. When I was 16 I discovered shoutcast and decided to host a few radio shows just for shits and giggles, I liked it, I liked my 50 listeners. I enjoyed it, but it’s not the same. This FM transmitter I bought can be modified to output 7W instead of 1. Basically giving me the ability to span around 10 miles of clear reception if I set the antenna high enough. Height actually became my biggest issue. I bought the domain on a whim because I could. I did it cause I wanted to host my own pirate radio station for my tri-city area to hear. Unfortunately without the funds to buy an antenna, and even if i did have the funds, I probably would never broadcast simply because it’s too obvious. The FCC is constantly watching. and I understand even if I had the best invisible antenna, i’d still probably get caught. But I can still dream. The FM transmitter is almost useless without the antenna being mounted high. (like at least 10 feet high) I was getting around two miles when this little thing is just sitting on a table outside. Ideally I’d absolutely love to hype up a pirate radio station on Facebook or just by word of mouth saying “On ‘x’ date FunkFM will be live, tune in to 97.3, Send requests via”. Then, and only then, when I feel as if enough people will listen, I’ll broadcast on the roof of a building in my town, and everyone will be able to hear for a night. Bring a few close friends with me and we drink and watch the time go by while listening to whatever the hell people are sending in. I would absolutely love that. But instead I have the equivalent to a brick. I don’t party, but I do think it would be a neat-o fucking idea to bring it to the next festival that comes in and tell everyone near their cars to tune in, even if it was just for 20 minutes.

I’ll go back to computers for a second because that’s all I can think to type about. The specs I gave on the top of the page are my current specs. It’s nothing special you might say, but it’s pretty special to me. I spent around 200 dollars for that system and it will run anything I throw at it. I got it to that price by bartering. I don’t know why, and I probably will not ever understand why I seriously enjoy bartering goods. Craigslist in particular. That i7 I have is a second gen i believe. Even though it’s old, it’s still going on ebay for around $210. How did I get that? I bartered. Like scratch off tickets or gambling in general you’ll take losses, but sometimes those wins you do win, are pretty damn sweet. I traded an old collection of laptops, a tv that was about to burn out, and a few other cheap electronics for this pretty decent desktop. It had that i7, two 1TB’s, 8gigs of ram 800W psu and a pretty sub-par gpu. I threw in a GTX 650ti and I was ready to go. I was happy with it for almost a year before the motherboard fried on me. (kudos to gigabyte, that’s strike two you mother fuckers). On top of everything it died on me when I needed it most, mainly for school. So whats a guy to do? pretty much broke in my apartment and in need of at least a laptop. You barter. I found someone on craigslist who owns a computer/iphone bullshit repair shop about 20 miles away. He shows me this Acer Iconiatab w500. a pretty neat little hybrid of a computer that came out in 2011. It’s got it’s problems, but nothing I couldn’t fix. (that main problem being windows 7, when 8 came out almost 6 months prior) I managed to convince him to take my case, the graphics card, psu, and the ram for this tablet straight up. I kept the hard drives, the dead mobo, and the cpu. I’m typing to you on it as you read. I don’t regret that trade simply because I needed something at the time. It just so happened it was a slate (or half tablet half laptop whateverthefuck) Holidays were coming up (steam sales) and I got back on my feet with my finances, (props to mom for giving birth to me in the later of the year, props to my job for giving me hours) and thanks to black Friday I got myself a sweet deal on some components. Word to the wise, don’t buy from tiger direct if you can help it, their customer service sucks, the rebates are jokes, and they are nothing but a headache of a company. Anyway, to end this segment, the bottom line I’m getting at is to consider bartering as a hobby or just to know how to do it. When you get your first deal that you’re happy with it’s like stealing something from Walmart. (not implying I have)

Chances are if you’re ready this far you’re probably just pretty damn bored, or your probably finding what i’m saying slightly interesting, and I thank you for that, because quite frankly, i’m typing out my ass. I’m not going to edit little minor errors until I make this particular page more organized. (and that won’t be for a while).

Which  brings me to my favorite cell phone. the Nokia N900. This phone is unique. The most unique phone I’ve used, ever. It’s a few grades above a UMPC. It’s Linux based, an OS called Maemo. This is the first (and still) phone that gives you the tools to hack a wep/wpa wireless network. The phone looks like a brick, feels like a brick, but has such a sexy vibe about it; slide out full keyboard and a little stylus. A built in stand that is meant for tall people. Before i go further, it’s slower than android. It’s a far from perfect phone, but it was revolutionary for 2009. It’s upsetting to see Maemo leave. Meego is garbage. I could only imagine if they started to focus efforts on building a usable UMPC…

Hoping to something else, I’ve been attempting for the past year to find out some information on why exactly can’t we have a full fledged desktop environment on a cellular device. Ubuntu comes to mind simply because I know Android is based off Linux. Knowing that and keeping up with things like Ubuntu Phone and the Edge; I start my search on the Ubuntu IRC.


                ===        IRC: freenode #ubuntu

medo:   Hi there, I have a few questions. Why exactly is it not possible to have Ubuntu Desktop on an ARM based phone?

jinzo:     medo, I’m no Ubuntu expert but there’re several reasons probably: From that not all packages compile on ARM, that the unity probably utilizes OpenGL that is not supported by the graphic drivers in ARM SoC-es (OpenGLES is used there), and so forth

witheld1:               medo, jinzo is wrong

ActionParsnip:  jinzo, I wouldn’t use Unity on ARM personally

                    jinzo: ActionParsnip, I was listing technical reasons that came to mind

ActionParsnip:  jinzo: makes sense. I’d run openbox or fluxbox to keep the desktop light

medo:   I guess the same question would apply to Windows RT. I understand the source code isn’t available to the public, but I find it hard to believe I am the only person in the world that would love to see a fully functional UMPC; Especially with phones seemingly getting bigger. I could see a Galaxy Note utilizing that very well, and even the HTC one.

witheld1:   and you could have Ubuntu on your phone, the packages are technically there, but drivers are a problem. However, Wayland and Mir have an android driver backend so you can probably hack something up with enough time and effort, but you’re definitely not going to run X on 90% of devices, the drivers just don’t exist.

medo:          So I’m assuming it’s just due to not having the patience to compile?

witheld1:    For the most part the compiling is done; Ubuntu has ARM packages for basically everything.

jinzo:            There’s also the problem with ASM code, and optimization, and whatnot when it comes to compiling software written with x86 in mind for ARM.

witheld1:     That’s less than 1% of packages, The Rasbian guys figured that out, basically everything will work if you can actually manage to get it on there.

jinzo:            Yes? What do I know – there’re constant breakages and problems with compiling stuff like python, Firefox, chromium when I’m trying it.

medo:   So what are the key things holding it back?

witheld1:            Other than graphics and probably kernels, you’ll have to do that yourself.  Well, for one, I own a MIPS laptop, and an ARM Raspberry Pi and everything works.

jinzo:     That doesn’t mean it was easy to get it working.

witheld1:            but it’s already working, other than kernels and graphics. Of course, those are also the hardest to get working. So good luck.

ActionParsnip:  It’ll get better, it’s how it goes.

witheld1:            Perhaps, especially on NVidia devices now, since they’re now contributing to the kernel for ARM devices.

medo:   So where would I go to support a project like this? I can’t seem to find much.

witheld1:       You build it yourself, The project that is, you take your phone, you find out what needs to be done, then you do those things, there’s no real interest in right now, since phones are only just getting powerful enough for that kind of thing.

medo:   I understand, thank you for all who had input on my question. I appreciate it.

So with that said, I’m going to attempt to find more information on this. I might start a project to see if anyone wants to pursue something like this, I don’t have the knowledge or know how, but I will be watching over this like a hawk in the future.

more to come…


If you have a broken laptop screen, and the laptop is fine internally, and you have 60-70 bucks, fix it yourself. It’s much much easier than you expected.

If you don’t have a copy of Hirens on a thumb drive and you’re constantly fixing laptops/desktops, you’re a damn fool.

Try to avoid talking about tech to someone who thinks they know about tech.

Some tablets  that have SSDs instead of HDDs usually have the bios integrated inside the SSD instead of the motherboard, careful when flashing the OS.

When you need to install a new operating system, after you get your drivers in place, check out they have a load of software you probably already use. In a few clicks you can have all your programs installed though just one installer.

Zip-ties are your friend.

I know this is probably something you’ve heard already but you should take it seriously. Clean out your desktop PC once every six months with air duster. If you don’t, the desktop is more prone to overheating and the dust inside will limit performance.

more to come



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